McLaren Applied and BAK Motors Sign Strategic Agreement for Next-Generation Drivetrain Technology

McLaren Applied today confirmed a new collaboration with BAK Motors, the Swiss-based parent company to new luxury automotive brand Kincsem. Under the terms of the deal, McLaren Applied will develop and supply drivetrain components, including inverters and motors, for the Kincsem Hyper GT and SUV – the world’s first nano-photonic light activated solid-state hydrogen hybrid hyper-car.

Stemming from its heritage in automotive and motorsports, McLaren Applied is a world leader in designing and manufacturing inverters and electric motors that deliver truly class leading performance. It has been at the forefront of automotive electrification technology for over a decade, starting with its first-generation inverter and motor developed specifically for the McLaren P1. Since then, it has continued to supply the automotive industry with cutting edge inverter technology, culminating in the IPG5 800V Silicon Carbide (SiC) inverter.

BAK Motors selected McLaren Applied’s IPG5 800V Silicon Carbide inverter, which was publicly debuted yesterday, as it delivers exceptional powertrain efficiency and performance improvements. It maximises vehicle range and supports 800V architecture to enable faster charging. Furthermore, the impressively low mass and volume of the inverter and motor reduces overall vehicle weight, is easier to package, and significantly contributes to an optimised driving experience and unrivalled performance.

The Kincsem Hyper GT will pair McLaren Applied’s next generation drivetrain technology with a BAK-RICARDO hydrogen powered hybrid engine, combining the instant torque and acceleration of an e-motor with the evocative high-revolution scream of a hydrogen internal combustion engine to create the ultimate driving experience. The same power unit will also feature in the forthcoming Kincsem Hyper-SUV.

McLaren Applied has heritage in using Virtual Product Development (VPD) to design future focussed products and in supporting the development of entire vehicles. This expertise stems from McLaren Applied’s long history in supporting automotive customers and Formula 1 teams, where up to 95% of car set up is done in the virtual world. McLaren Applied will act as a technical partner, leveraging this expertise in VPD in supporting BAK Motors and their partners to design and test the car in the virtual world.

Tibor Bak, CEO of BAK Motors comments “Our ambition for BAK Motors is to work with the very best of the best. McLaren Applied are innovators in their field and have extensive experience in electric drivetrain technology and virtual product development. By adopting McLaren Applied skillsets to the Kincsem Hyper-GT we will drastically cut development time and unnecessary cost through a digital-first philosophy.”

Nick Fry, Non-Executive Chairman at McLaren Applied comments “McLaren Applied is delighted to be bringing its IPG5 inverter to BAK Motors’ future brands and products. We’re proud to be pioneering the future by taking the efficiency gains forged in the automotive and motorsport sectors and applying them to the next generation of electrified transport.

The Kincsem Hyper-GT will be designed, engineered and built in Britain with first production of the road legal version commencing in 2024.